Beeswax and Honey Hand Cream

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Magic product
from on 16/10/2021
Having had years of putting up with phorisis and having steriod treatments for my legs and arms my skin is often itchy and dry. My daughter bought me this cream and although it says hand cream I use just a little on my legs and it is amazing at taking the the dry itch away, making my skin soft. It is so good. My wife still laughs as it says hand cream but I am not bothered as this little magic pot is part of my daily routine now and I love it. You only need a little as its so pure it goes a long way used in this way.
Lovely product
from on 23/06/2020
I've used this product for about a year now. It really stops my hands drying out and keeps my nails beautifully moist. That's why I've just bought a new pot of it plus a small one for my handbag.
from on 10/12/2018
This hand cream is a fantastic product, it has a lovely delicate scent and is soothing on dry cracked knuckles.
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