The Benefits Natural Winter skin care

The Benefits Natural Winter skin care

The Benefits Natural Winter skin care

Winter is once again upon us, with all its trials and tribulations for our skin. No matter how many layers of warm clothes we wear from feet to head. When the temperatures drop, our skin moisture drops with them.  Dryness is the most evident consequence of cold weather on the skin. Low temps are accompanied by less humidity outdoors and dry environments produced by heating and fires indoors. This temperature fluctuation plus the wind and other outdoor stressors can cause irritation and inflammation. To compound this, we have to add the fact that we drink less water in winter. The result is poorer skin hydration, that is, dry, flaky, and itchy skin.

The Benefits Natural Winter skin care with Honey


To help reduce these problems, Skin experts recommend Gentler and more Moisturising Skin Cleansers. All our Skin Care is Honey and/or Beeswax centred and Made with Natural ingredients which are also chosen to help your Skin. Our Soaps are made traditionally, the process is called Saponification, which creates a gentle Cleanser and Glycerol or Glycerine, which is a natural Moisturiser, together with our Honey, a humectant which pulls moisture from the air into the upper layer of your skin, it makes a gentle Soap to Clean and Moisturise.

The Benefits Natural Winter skin care with Beeswax

Cream_and_lip_balm_on_BeesWe also make Soap bars with Honey and Beeswax, the Honey helps draw in Moisture to the Skin while you wash and leaves a thin layer of Beeswax to Lock in the Moisture and also help protect the bodies Natural oils. Hand Cream with Beeswax, made with Natural Butters and oils for Deep skin Moisturising and the Beeswax locks in the Moisture and helps skin repair, the cracks and sores from Cold Weather. Lip balm with Beeswax, made with Cocoa butter and Sunflower oil to Moisturise and Beeswax to Heal Cracks