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Beekeeper_and_Bees We have been keeping bees for around 25 years, which we still enjoy as much now as we did when we first started. We wanted to look for ways to make more use from our Bees and increase our colonies to be able to run a small business from them. As we have family members who suffer from eczema and general dry skin problems, soap and skin care seemed a good way to go. We went on some courses, tried the results on our family guinea pigs, which helped them greatly, got the necessary paperwork, and away we went. 

We make all the products ourselves with our own Honey and Beeswax, so we know what is in them, and you can trust what you are using. As we enjoy what we do, and use all the products ourselves, they are made with care and enthusiasm, which we hope shows in the end results. 

Most people know that Local Honey is good for you, helping with hay fever and asthma, but it is not so well known that Honey is good on the out side as well. If you go back in history, especially Egyptian, which is well documented, you can find that liniment and bandages were being soaked in Honey for wound dressing. The Egyptians held Honey in such high regard that the pyramids were adorned with pictures of Beekeepers looking after their Bees in Skeps, and also filtering Honey into jars. Honey was  found in the pyramids along with all the Gold treasures, as gifts to their gods. It was found to be still edible being over 3.000 years old. There are many writings to say that medieval Britain also used Honey for skin disorders, cuts, wounds, stings, burns and scolding, even eye problems, all with good results. The NHS is going back to using Honey for some skin problems, again with excellent results. 


Beekeeping is being encouraged and is high in the media. If anyone is thinking of keeping Bees we strongly Bees_in_Mayrecommend that they join a beekeeping association. There is so much to understand about bees. We are members of our local Beekeepers Association, and joined a year before we got our Bees. We found it very helpful to handle the association bees first, and have experienced Beekeepers to guide us. You could also put Honey Bee friendly plants in your garden and there are a number of web sties that can help.




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