Beeswax and Honey Hand Cream

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Hand Cream for Men, Beeswax hand Cream

Some Men say the Skin on their hands is like leather, but even leather needs looking after to keep it in good condition for a lifetime. Our Hand Cream for Men:

  • Is Made with Olive oil and Coconut oil to moisturise

  • Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Coco Butter for Deep skin moisturising, penetrating skin layers

  • Beeswax and Honey to Encourage new healthy skin cells helping repaired Cracking Skin

  • Beeswax leaves a protective barrier on your skin to help it keep the Skins Natural oils

  • No fragrance to irritate your Skin

  • can be very effective on Bad Eczema

Hand Cream for Men

Our hands are often the first to suffer from dry skin, taking a battering from the sun, low humidity and harsh cleansers that chip away at the skin’s natural barrier. Our Hand Cream for Men is made with Natural skin caring plant oils, a deep Skin moisturiser, penetrating many skin layers. The Beeswax encourages new healthy skin cells which can help Repair Skin Cracking and Damage caused by weather, it also leaves a protective layer on the skin helping to Lock in Moisture and help your skin retain its natural oils.

Can Help Eczema and Psoriasis

 It can be very effective on Bad Eczema, especially when used behind the knees and elbows, and can also help Psoriasis, the Oils and Butters, penetrating skin layers, Deep Skin Moisturising and the Beeswax  encourages new healthier skin cells

Our Beeswax Hand Cream is made with natural plant oils, and has not fragrance, so it should be Suitable for Sensitive Skin, and we feel it is an ideal Mens Hand Cream. in 100ml/90g PET jar. Our Mens Hand Cream Contains: Olive oil, coconut oil, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, coco butter, Beeswax & Honey.

Tattoo Cream

Tattooists recommend a Beeswax Cream for fresh Tattoos, the plant oils sooth and moisturise the damaged skin, with the Beeswax sealing, protecting and aiding the new skin growth. We have some customers bold over with the results.


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