Wedding favours are a chance to have a little fun with your table dressing, we offer something unusual & thoughtful which is natural & safe


Beeswax candles are made of 100% Beeswax, Our thatched skep can relief stress naturally with a relaxation honey scent & natural light



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Super soft cotton Bath towels with a Queen Bee embroidered on them. A unique item to enhance our Natural Honey skin care products

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What is the Best Lip Balm for Children? Beeswax Cool Mint should be A Great Natural Lip balm for Children made with Beeswax and Cocoa Butter

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Enjoy Beeswax Soap Benefits with Honey and Beeswax Soap the Honey to moisturise your skin, Beeswax to feed and strengthen your Skin

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A unique and different gift for your speciel dad, put together by you from our Natural skincare range, should suit most skin types

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