Beeswax Pillar candles are made of 100% U.K. Beeswax, neutralise pollutants with Negative Ions & can naturally help Asthma Air Allergies

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Beeswax block, made of Pure natural Beeswax, can be used for many things, or just leave on the sideboard to sniff occasionally to relax

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What is the Best Lip Balm for Children? Beeswax Cool Mint should be A Great Natural Lip balm for Children made with Beeswax and Cocoa Butter

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Honey & Beeswax are Good Things for Sensitive Skin, Moisturise & feeds to naturally help keep it healthy, encourages new stronger skin cells

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A unique and different gift for your speciel dad, put together by you from our Natural skincare range, should suit most skin types

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